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Group Health Care Insurance Plan

Employer Web Site: Independence Blue Cross

Employee Web Site: IBX.com
Account Representative: Austin Schuler (610) 238-6551
Employer Customer Service: (215) 241-2123
Employee Customer Service: (800) 810-2583
Locate Out Of Area Provider: (800) 810-2583
Mental Health and Substance Abuse: (800) 688-1911

Prescription Drug Coverage

Employer Web Site:
Independence Blue Cross
Employee Web Site: FutureScripts.com
Account Representative: James Flynn
Employee Customer Service: (800) 678-7012
Rx Group: 10043015
Rx BIN: 015814
Rx PCN: 06090000

Group Dental Insurance

Employer and Employee Web Site:
Delta Dental
Account Representative: Kenneth Metz 
Office: (717) 506-6735 
Cellular: (717) 422-3605
Employee Customer Service: 800-932-0783

Group Vision Care Insurance

Web Site:
Vision Benefits of America
Customer Service: (800) 432-4966
Web Site:
Eye Med Division Care
Customer Service: (800) 275-4638

Group Life and Disability Insurance

Customer Service: (800) 275-4638

Voluntary Benefits

Web Site:
Customer Service: (800) 992-3522
Account Representative: Stacey Washington (215) 490-4601

Web Site:
Customer Service: (800) 521-3535
Account Representative Jacleen Romberger (866) 591-7328

City of Philadelphia Board of Pensions and Retirement

Pension Counseling: Michelle Ford (215) 496-7430
Make an appointment for a pension estimate interview.

Active Services: Denise Cappone (215) 496-7450
Active Services: Debra Sturgis (215) 496-7451
Active Services: Joanna Camarda (215) 496-7452
Request application form to purchase pension service credit. 
Question status of service credit application.

Pension Beneficiary Designation: (215) 496-7404
Verify your pension beneficiary designation.
Request forms to change your beneficiary designation.

Pension Withdrawals: Shahied Lloyd (215) 496-7407
Pension Withdrawals: Linda McCue (215) 496-7408 
Apply for refund of your pension contributions upon separation from the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Deferred Compensation Plan

Web Site:
Great-West Retirement Services
Customer Service: (800) 701-8255
Account Representative: Walter Long (866) 931-2885

Education Partnership

Web Site:
Peirce College
Account Representative: Edward Weckerly (215) 670-9203

Philadelphia Parking Authority Employee Benefits Web Site

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